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PSU settings: Thunderbird & Printing

How to use Thunderbird at Penn state with Office 365 accounts

For those who prefer Thunderbird to read e-mails (or generally dislike the Outlook webpage), I’ve summarized instructions on how to use these with PSU services. Below are also some printing instructions, these might be specific to the astronomy institute.



PSU IT will tell you that Thunderbird is not supported for Office 365 e-mails anymore. While that is correct, it’s not impossible. [Note: I haven’t tried these on a Mac, I’m not sure whether Owl is necessary]

1) Owl

You’ll need the Owl extension, which costs ~10$/year, but you get a month free to try it


Click “Add new account manually”


2.) Set up account

Fill in the options as shown below


Make sure that the E-mail address is UserID@pennstateoffice365.onmicrosoft.com, and your username UserID@psu.edu.

After entering the password and clicking “create account” it might ask for 2FA login once. Your e-mails should now be available in Thunderbird.

This information is also available in the knowledge base, but somewhat hidden: https://it.la.psu.edu/documents/ConfigureThunderbirdforO365onMacOS.pdf



For printing, particularly with Ubuntu, use the lpd:// protocol with the IP provided by your institute. In the settings, Job Type needs to be Normal, User Code should be provided by your institute and LoginUser is the option for the UserID. Leave the other options as they are.







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