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  • PSU settings: Thunderbird & Printing

    How to use Thunderbird at Penn state with Office 365 accounts For those who prefer Thunderbird to read e-mails (or generally dislike the Outlook webpage), I’ve summarized instructions on how to use these with PSU services. Below are also some printing instructions, these might be specific to the astronomy institute.   Thunderbird PSU IT will…

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  • X-ray simulations for uncertainties

    I’m posting this, as it might be helpful for X-ray astronomers. In 2013, I ran MC-like simulations of an absorbed powerlaw. The goal was to find out how many source counts are necessary to be able to constrain an absorbed powerlaw to better than 10%. I focused on the absorption NH, and the photon index…

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  • Recent outreach events

    Following is a summary of recent outreach events with some photos: 1 Native Scientists in Amsterdam I was one of 4 scientists who had 15 minutes/group for a quick experiment and to answer questions about astrophysics. The difficulty for the students was that they had to talk in German to us. This was a great…

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  • Galaxy shoes

      Due to unfortunate reasons (illness) I have spent more time at home than I would prefer. But this has allowed to me to finish working on my space – themed galaxy shoes, now with LEDs!     The LEDs are pressure activated, a pressure resistant material in the heels decreases the resistance when stepping,…

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