Fe McBride – Multimessenger Astrophysicist

Dynamic SEDs of Southern blazars (DSSB)

Some of the data are available at the CDS. More data are available here:

In this paper I generated Fermi/LAT light curves to find time ranges of statistically constant flux using a Bayesian Blocks algorithm. In the time ranges with sufficient data, I created multiwavelength data sets. These dynamic SEDs were compared.

  • Fermi/LAT light curves (ASCII files, 71.7 kiB, zip): 100 MeV – 300 GeV integrated photon flux light curves
  • Multiwavelength data (ASCII files, 80.9 kiB, zip): differential energy flux spectra as a function of frequency in Hz. Frequency bins are given with lower and upper bounds. Please note that fitting was done in detector space, so fit results may vary.
  • Pivot energies (ASCII file, 2.0 kiB): pivot energies of the parabolas fitted to the SEDs, values given in keV, where first value corresponds to low energy parabola, and second value to high energy parabola.