Fe McBride – Multimessenger Astrophysicist

Neutrinos > 100 TeV

In this paper I study the HESE events above 100 TeV and below 1 PeV. I collect the high-energy data for all 3LAC blazars consistent with the HESE regions and compile their high-energy SEDs. From those, I calculate estimated numbers of neutrinos for all sources and derive the “hadronicness” of blazars. When scaling this calculation to the full sky, the number of neutrinos is overpredicted. I conclude that we can explain all HESE neutrinos with blazars, even if only 3% of their HE flux is of hadronic origin.

Data from Neutrinos > 100 TeV paper

Here I provide the table from the appendix, listing the sources by event, and sorted by neutrino expectation. I provide the total high-energy flux and the expected number of neutrinos:

 Fluxes and neutrino numbers (ASCII file, 24 kiB): Neutrino values and fluxes