Fe McBride – Multimessenger Astrophysicist

TANAMI blazars in the IceCube PeV-neutrino fields

Are blazars neutrino countrparts?

IceCube has detected astrophysical PeV neutrinos. The problem in identifying counterparts: their large positional uncertainty radius of ~10 degrees.

Are blazars possible counterparts to PeV neutrino events?

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Blazars are possible counterparts to high-energy neutrinos. Other candidates include Gamma-ray bursts, radio galaxies and starburst galaxies.

In this study, the focus was not to identify a counterpart, but to find out whether the neutrino flux from blazar would be compatible.

Sample Description

We use multiwavelength SEDs to characterize the electromagnetic emission of the blazars that are consistent with IceCube neutrino events.

What were the results of our study?

conclusion & outlook